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Logos website defines Base Packages as:"the starting point for studying the Bible with Logos. They combine a digital library of trusted biblical resources with time-saving Bible study tools."

Seventh-day Adventist Base Packages*

  • How to purchase Base Packages

  • Select the first Icon which links to the Main Page for Base Packages.

  • Choose the Five free books that you  desire.

  • Choose the Logos Base Package that you desire. Packages are listed alphabetically. Take note of the free code to receive your discount.

  • Scroll to the end to reach the Sda Base Packages

  • Purchase the free Logos Base Package if you do not already own it.


This sale ends on December 31st at 11:59pm PST

+ 5 free books. Available only via this link


Library: 300+ resources

Features: Includes some Logos 8 features


Library: 580+ resources

Features: Includes most Logos 8 features


Library: 1,250+ resources

Features: Includes all Logos 8 features


Library: 1,640+ resources

Features: Includes all Logos 8 features

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* Seventh-day Adventist Base packages include some resources that are common to all Base packages and Christians in general.

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