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Time to change

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Today I begin the first of many articles on change. How can you change your world? How can you make a difference? What things are important to you? What makes your heart tick? What keeps you up at night? If there was one thing that you could chang in your life what would it be? If there was one thing in the world that you could change, what would it be?

ISSUES • We are facing a global pandemic called Corona Virus Covid-19. This has brought restrictions and changes to our way of life, but it also presents opportunities for businesses, and ministries. How can you make a difference?

• The world is agitated over the issue of racial discrimination against blacks and people of color. What part if any should believers play in the issue of race? March, influence legislation, pay/become a lobbyist?

• Global warming and the damage on the environment is another factor that is being talked about. Should we get rid of fossil fuel? If we do, how will it impact the lives of others including the world financial system. What part can I play in my personal life? How do my choices affect the community/country where I live?

• LBGTQ: How should the church respond? What should be our attitude towards them? Conversion, acceptance, ignore them? What rights if any should they be given by the state? • Secularism and atheism is another factor that is making inroads and affecting the life of the church. How are we to respond? Are we training our youth to face challenges to their faith as they wander from the nest into the halls of academia?

• Is the church fulfilling its mission to make disciples of all the nations? Why should we make disciples of other faith? I have proposed more questions than answers, but this blog was intended to do just that. Getting us thinking to engage in thoughtful dialogue and bringing about the changes that we believe are needed in the world.


1. If you are a Christian, make it a priority to ensure that your belief system is infused by a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus. The scriptures should inform your world view and shape your life.

2. Be educated about the topics which are impacting your life and community.

3. Be respectful of the opinions of others. You can agree to disagree. Name calling and making fun of what someone else is saying does not encourage dialogue.

4. Treat others as you would like for them to treat you.

5. You are a composite of your life experiences. If you like me were raised in a Judeo-Christian background, then it has influenced your world. Do not be ashamed of who you are. When appropriate bring your Christian values into the discussion. Our world is changing, we must decide how we will react to this change.

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