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LECTURES IN THE GOSPEL OF JOHN:    Here we examine themes found in the gospel of John such as the miracles before Calvary, the seven I Am statements, the use of "logos" final prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, and the Diety of the pre-incarnate Christ.

SEMINARS IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION: In this lecture series we examine the sanctuary scenes in the book of Revelation, the frequency of select words/phrases, John's use of the number seven, history of the church, allusions to the Old Testament with emphasis on the book of Daniel.

SEMINARS FOR INTERPRETING SCRIPTURE: In this conference, we look at principles of interpretation which include authorship, themes in the biblical book, history, type of literature, date of composition, using a commentary, Strong's Greek and Hebrew word study.


SEX & THE SCRIPTURES: Examining what the biblical text has to say about sex and its implications for today.

FUNDAMENTAL BELIEFS OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS: Examining the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This covers the official belief as voted by the General Conference and passages connected to it.

BIBLE VERSIONS:  Differences and Similarities between versions and the history of the English Bible. We explore issues such as formal and dynamic translations, the majority text versus the Textus Receptus, and "missing versus" of the Bible.


Others seminars available on Request!


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Audley Mitchell

Biblical scholarship is a passion for him. Not simply to extract information, but significance, application. His greatest strength, perhaps, is his ability to recognize, define and apply context to seemingly insignificant and mundane biblical references.


These insights bring to life the contemporaneous quality of the Biblio-Christian experience, and help to  make the faith of the believer practical and relevant.

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