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Bible Lessons for The Digital Age

Ten Minutes with the Word are 28 Bible Lessons based on the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Each lesson starts with a statement explaining what the topic is about. They are designed to introduce an individual to the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The user is encouraged to make a decision based on the lesson studied and there are links to material on the Biblical Research Institute’s website for advanced reading. Possible answers for each lesson are given at the end.


The lessons can be completed via an app from Logos Bible Software, and is available on Android, ioS, web browser or a computer. These lessons were designed for those who desire to study the Bible and Bible lessons via an electronic medium. If you desire to learn more about Seventh-day Adventist, or would like for a neighbour, co-worker, or friend to learn more about your beliefs, but don't have paper lessons or need a contactless means of doing so, then these lessons are for you.

Reason for the Lessons

Ten Minutes With the Word was written with the desire to bring Bible lessons into the digital age. People are constantly using their mobile devices, whether it be a phone, tablet or computer. It is the hope that while waiting on a line, or riding the bus, train or plane the user can spend time in the word of God.

How To Use These Lessons; 3 Easy Steps

These lessons can be completed in three easy steps. The student will be benefited best if the sequence of the lesson is followed and completed in the order that they are written.

Lessons may be purchased in bulk to save on cost.

Ten Minutes with the Word

Ten Minutes with the Word

Purchase 14 or more for your group and receive a 30 percent discount.

Thanks for visiting our site. If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Ten Minutes With The Word Bible Lessons

  • Read the paragraph at the beginning of the lesson, which summarizes it.

  • Read the passage in your preferred Bible.

  • Write your answer in the notes section.

  • The user selects the Bible passage which open the default Bible on the app. (There are several free Bibles that Logos offers)

  • After reading the passage the user answers the question by typing in the answer in the form. You will need a free account with Faithlife.

  • At the end of each lessons the user is encouraged to make a decision based on the contents of the lesson.

  • Additional information may be found at the end of each lesson in the section entitled “Your questions answered” and “Going Deeper.” Going deeper has links to additional reading on the topic you have just studied and will open your browser to the Biblical Research Institute’s Website.

  • The lessons may be purchased in bulk to save..

What Others Say...

Find Out What Co-workers, Members

and Associates Say...

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Ten Minutes with the Word
Anastacia Ferguson-Bansie, Pastor

Lynden Williams is a brilliant educator gifted with an amazing ability to unpack God’s word. Truly, this installment of lessons will prove you be a tremendous blessing and source of spiritual growth.

Anastacia Ferguson Bansie


I have been associated with Pastor Lynden Williams for more than twenty years as a member of his congregation and the principal of the North Eleuthera High school where he served as a mentor to students.

I       have        always      appreciated        his comprehensive, informative  and   impactful sermon presentations.

The students appreciated his energetic presentations on relevant topics that influenced their lives.

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Sheena Duncombe


Taking Bible Lessons Into The Digital Age
Bible Lessons are sold by Logos bible software

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