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Seminar on
Ellen White

Ellen White is a co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and manifested the Gift of Prophecy. She is considered the most translated American author of either sex and the one of the top ten translated authors of in the world. 

Her writings continue to serve the Adventist Church and she was instrumental in establishing the current educational and health care system of the church today.

Her writings serve as a guide to the church and influences current policies. 

See: White Estate for further details


Seminar in Reading Ellen White: This Lecture Looks at:

  • Principles of interpreting Ellen White

  • Matters such as date of composition

  • Inspiration

  • Plagiarism

  • Reading an ancient prophet in context.

Selected Topics From Ellen White:

  • Education

  • Diet

  • Principles of applications

  • Others are available upon request.


Shandera Smith
Dietician, Lecturer

Roslyn Francis1.jpeg

Roslyn Francis

Getting old dogs to do new tricks is almost impossible. When Pastor Williams came to our church, his knack of technology was met with some reservation.


Because of his gift, we now enjoy reliable internet and I have reliable equipment and software to make my work easier at my church.

When it comes to having the gift of teaching, Lynden Williams has definitely been blessed with it!


I am sure that you will be truly inspired and transformed as you prayerfully read and study the lessons presented.

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