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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you starting your own church?

No. The goal of Lynden Williams Communications is to be a self supporting service to the Church, to assist the body of Christ in improving its serve. This is done via training, seminars, videos and products inclusive of e-books, lessons, seminars and blogs.

Will this initiative take finances away from the local church?

No. We do not solicit offerings or other charitable gifts. The service pays for itself by offering books, lessons, training. seminars and other material that an individual or organization may be interested in.

Are you an independent ministry?

We see ourselves as a self -supporting ministry to the body of Christ, to assist in achieving its goals of sharing the good news of Jesus to the world.

How will the local field benefit from this ministry?

As Bible Studies and Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator, the local field is automatically the beneficiary of these upon request.

I do not reside in  New Providence, how can I benefit from this initiative?

A plan is being put in place to record and live-stream via the internet where possible.

Are your services available to churches outside your conference?

Yes. Contact us by telephone or email from our contact page. Our ministry is to the world.

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