Logos 9 - What's New in Logos


Multiple Users
One computer user, two accounts for Logos. Select a new user and Logos restarts and signs in the new user. No need to switch to a account on the computer.

Passage Guide
Faithlife has made it richer and I can now see the content of a commentary simply by hovering over it. The populated list can be sorted by Priority, Series, Author, Denomination, Type and Era.

Counseling Guide
Type in the word anger and in second or two Logos combs through your library and provides a definition, biblical passages, related topics, Bible passages and a preview of books from your library that address your chosen topic. Logos does the heavy work so you can concentrate on changing lives.

Bible Books Explorer
A new interactive is Bible Books Explorer. Select a book and Logos will present information on the selected book. I chose the gospel of John and immediately I the following results. The author, purpose, theme, summary and message. Additional information includes genre, era, key verse, people, place. Faithlife has gone through some of its more popular resources and listed the date of composition. Stats such as number of chapters, words, verses, lemmas etc., are given to the user using the Greek New Testament.


Short cut folders
Now you can organize all of the resources on your toolbar into neat folders on the toolbar.

It is worth the investment. Logos offers payment plans for those who cannot afford to purchase upfront with no inter.


I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their serve and learn more about the word of God.

Logos 9 : New Features

Some of the new features include:

  • New Improved Factbook

  • Sermon Manager

  • Dark Mode

  • Sermon Builder Improvements

  • Sermon Layout for Tablets and Phones

  • Reading plans: Improved

  • Charts: New and Improved (3D) and more

  • Bible Books Explorer

  • Mobile Search: Improved

  • Counseling Guide (New)

  • Reference Scanner: Look up verses by taking a picture

  • Document Share: Improved

  • Notes: Attach images

  • Passage Guide: Improved

  • Dark Mode

  • Switch Between Accounts

  • Find step by step tutorials on how to use Logos 9

  • More

Logos 9: New and Improved

Logos 9 is simply Amazing. They have included more databases and made it easier to use. Here are a few of my favourites.


My favourite is Factbook. Select a word in your Bible that is underlined in blue and it opens Factbook to the entry. You have information on thousands of words, simply by selecting it in your Bible. Type a topic in the “Go Box”  select Factbook and Logos will quickly source your library for information on that topic.


Dark mode
Now you can switch to Dark Mode and cut down on the glare while reading.


Charts Tool: Charts Tool has been redesigned with the ability to view the results of your Bible search in 3D using various graphical presentations.

Logos 9 Overview

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Logos 9 - Base Packages

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New Seventh-day Adventist Base Packages

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